"Sing with the birds,
Dance with the river…"

Nestled at the foothills of the forest clad Mulshi hills, set by the banks of the sprightly Mula River, Golden Fields Resort is a 20 acre escapade and is a treat to nature lovers. One of the best resorts near Pune, the property is a proud protégé of the Agro Tourism industry, the property is an exquisite hideaway for those looking to rejuvenate inside and out.

Fenced in by the Mula River on one side and the Mulshi hills on the other, Golden Fields Resort is a page out of a fairy tale with stone paved pathways, trails leading to hammocks, rustic tree houses topped by the crisp air of the Western Ghats.

Escape into a good book by the river, rekindle your childhood memories by shooting a few goals or introduce your little one to the joys of fishing on the picturesque wooden pier – your day at Golden Fields is brimming with possibilities.